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Enter Digital of Kent Access Control

Access Control Enter Digital of Kent

A PAXTON access control system is an effective way of securing your premises from unwanted visitors and protecting your staff and assets. In restricting who is entering your premises, you have the assurance of knowing and recording who is on site and when.

An ENTER access system usually consists of a fob/card reader on the exterior of the door, with an exit button and emergency exit break glass unit on the inside.

An electronic latch or maglock is then used to lock/unlock the door upon swiping your card or presenting your fob upon entering the building. This equipment is then connected to a contained/hidden panel near the door and then onto a PC or laptop in another part of the premises.

New users cards or fobs can be added easily from the PC or laptop and also deleted or edited easily in the case of that person no longer being allowed access.


Advantages of Access Control Systems

Listed below are some of the advantages an Access Control system can offer:

  • control who is entering or leaving your premises; who, where and when
  • possess a permanent record of who where and when came in or out upon a user entering or leaving a door, allowing you to provide proof if need be.
  • helps to protect employees, visitors, property and sensitive information
  • you can secure certain sections of a building at certain times and even permit specific users into certain areas at different times.
  • reduce time sheet procedures by adding “Time & Attendance” software and integrate with other security systems for centralised management of the site
  • control access to a wide variety of entry areas, such as external or internal doors, vehicle barriers or gates or even turnstiles and integrate with intercom systems.

Here at ENTER, we exclusively install, repair and maintain PAXTON access systems due to them being the industry leaders in terms of reliability, performance and price in addition to our confidence with it.