Gate / Barrier Automation

Gate and Barrier Access Installation form Eneter Electronics of Kent

Automated Gate Access

Gate and Barrier automation is becoming increasingly popular amongst individuals and organisations seeking to control & secure external areas. Automatic Gates come in all shapes and sizes and there are many different manufacturers. Any application can be tailor made, whether it be a single gate to a domestic property or large double gates to commercial premises. There has, unfortunately, been a number of injuries and fatalities caused by automatic gate systems. With any ENTER gate or barrier system, rest assured, safety is our number one priority.

With regards to gates, there are usually two methods of opening them, with either a hydraulic ram or a submerged ground mounted motor. The latter tends to be more common due to the anti-vandal resistant nature of components beneath the ground and out of site as opposed to a ram that is fitted to the gate which can be vandalised.

Gate / Barrier Automation Components

An ENTER gate system usually involves a user pushing a button on a keypad upon approaching an auto gate and the gate(s) then open automatically. There is usually an intercom fitted for callers without a remote opening device, or a keypad where a numeric code can be ENTERed to obtain access or a combination of all three. To exit, there is usually a ground loop fitted on the inside of the gate in the ground, that detects a steel object and opens the gate(s), otherwise known as a ‘free exit’. CCTV can also be integrated to allow people inside the premises to monitor activity at the entrance/exit.


Barriers operate in exactly the same way but tend to be used solely at commercial properties and have an integrated motor fitted in a ground mouted steel enclosure to open and close the barrier. The risk of injury or damage is generally considered as being lower than a gate system and they tend to be cheaper to install.

Both gate and barrier ENTER systems have safety devices fitted to minimise the risk of injury or damage. Photocells are commonly used to create an invisible beam between the gate opening, that when broken, automatically stops the gate operation and reverses. Mechanical safety edges can also be fitted and must be fitted where there are entrapment areas or crushing points in the gate design area. Upon these rubber strips being compressed, they also automatically stop the gate and reverse the operation. Force testing is also applied to any ENTER gate system to ensure the force of closing is within the recommended limits, in addition to a full risk assessment being carried out at the design stage and at completition.

ENTER has several years of experience in installing and repairing automatic gate and barrier systems and can design a system that is unique to your requirement, utilising the best equipment and will give years of trouble free operation. We have an in depth knowledge in all of the most popular manufacturers products, enabling fast and accurate repairs to systems not installed by ENTER.