Intercom Systems installed by Enter Digital of Kent

Audio Intercom with one handset from as little as £249.00

Intercom Systems

An ENTER Intercom system is ideal for communicating and permitting access (or not) to a caller at your home or business, eliminating unwanted callers obtaining access to your premises.They can be used as an internal phone system from one room to another, or from one floor to another.Most are designed for use as a doorbell system allowing you to know who is at the door / main gate / vehicle barrier before deciding to let the person in (or not).

Let Enter Find The Right Solution For you

There are many manufacturers who offer intercom products. With an ENTER Intercom system, rest assured we will find the right solution for you.


With an audio intercom system, a caller pushes a button on the call unit at the exterior door and a handset rings in the premises. Upon answering and speaking, the door can then be released by the handset operator allowing the caller access.

A video system works exactly the same, with the addition of an integrated camera in the call unit and a small monitor on the handset, allowing you to view the caller.

Whether it be a simple one door audio system intercom, or the latest sophisticated video intercom that is needed, you are in safe hands with ENTER.

We install complete audio and video systems, kits and parts. We are also highly specialised in repairing all makes & models of audio and video intercoms.Often, an existing faulty intercom system can be quickly repaired with the minimum of fuss and of course, cost.

Alternatively, a simple audio intercom system newly installed costs from just £249 with a video system starting at only £399.

An ENTER Intercom System offers a complete range of door entry systems for the domestic and commercial market.