Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms Installed by Enter Digital of Kent

Intruder Alarms Installed by ENTER Digital of Kent

Intruder alarms are an essential security component to any premises. An ENTER intruder alarm system usually comprises of several wireless sensors located around the premises covering all potential entry points. PIR sensors can be programmed to ignore pets and other common obstacles. Door and window contacts are also integrated into the system design to further protect entry points. Upon a contact being separated, the alarm panel will be programmed to either give an audible delay tone, to allow the user to ENTER the deactivation code or activate the alarm immediately.

Intruder Alarm System Components

All ENTER alarm systems incorporate an external sounder which omits a loud tone upon activating and also flashes a visible strobe led light incorporated into the device. This unit serves as the best deterrent on any alarm system and is allways installed in the most visible area on the exterior of the premises. A keypad is fitted internally within a few metres of the main entrance to enable the user to activate or deactivate the alarm upon leaving or ENTERing the premises. A panel is also fitted in a more discreet location that effectively manages the complete alarm system.

Most intruder alarm systems tend to be commercial and graded, meaning installed to a graded requirement specified by insurance companies. The higher the grade, the more secure the system is. Most commercial alarm systems are connected to a monitoring station via a telephone line, that will automatically raise an alert to the relevant person or service upon an alarm being activated.

All alarm systems attract a discount on premises insurance if fitted by an affiliated contractor. ENTER works with FSL Security on all our intruder alarm systems to facilitate this. With their dedicated expertise in this field, in addition to their various affiliations with most organisations in the intruder alarm sector, they are well placed to integrate any alarm requirement into an ENTER system.